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About Northpoint Elementary School

Northpoint Elementary School
50800 Cherry Road, Granger, IN 46530

Phone: 574-271-8598

Fax: 574-968-6003


Diane Wirth, principal

Barb Colborn, secretary/treasurer

Lynn Killelea, Office Aide


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2016 National Blue Ribbon School


2016-17 Four Star School  Click here to see the list of criteria.


For the 2016-17 school year, Northpoint received an A rating from the Indiana Department of Education. Overall, 62 percent of Indiana schools received an A or B. For more information on and to view the 2016-17 School Accountability Grades, please click here to visit the IDOE website.


Based on the 2017 Spring ISTEP+ resultsNorthpoint is Indiana’s #1 public elementary school!


ISTEP+ Spring 2017 Results­­­­–Percent of students passing ISTEP+

        English/Language Arts  Math       

Grade 3       99.0%             98.0%

Grade 4       95.2%             94.2%                

Grade 5       97.2%             98.1%

Click here for 2016-17 IREAD-3 Results.


Click here to see school demographic data and past school Performance Reports on the Indiana Department of Education website.          


Northpoint Elementary School, offering state-of-the art facilities and educational opportunities, opened in August 1998.  A building addition, consisting of 16 classrooms, two music rooms and a large group instruction area, was added in 2001.


Kindergarten through fifth grade
Enrollment 2014-2015: 575
Classroom Teachers: 20
Special Teachers:  4 full time, 3 part time (music, physical education, special education and speech/hearing)
Teacher Aides:  5
Media/Technology Aide:  1
Learning Lab Coordinator:  1
Program Assistants: 19
Custodians:  3
Classrooms:  22
School day:  7:55 a.m. – 2:20 p.m.


Special Facilities
Instructional Materials Center (Library)
Two thirty station computer labs
Large Group Instruction area
Two music rooms
Five extended learning areas, with mini-computer labs
Television Broadcast Studio
Enclosed courtyard with amphitheater
Outdoor classroom with seating for 40 students      

Academic Programs
Northpoint Elementary School follows a block schedule, which provides flexibility in scheduling academic activities and common planning time for teachers.  All students receive instruction from specialists in the areas of general music and fitness.  Each class visits the Instructional Materials Center (IMC/Library) on a weekly basis where students are encouraged to borrow books for recreational and informational reading.  Each class visits the computer lab once or twice a week for structured lessons using keyboarding and other software programs that provide for skill remediation, skill development, skill practice, and/or enrichment.


Classes are organized as looping or traditional classrooms.  Looping allows students to experience the security and stability of having the same teacher or team of teachers for two years.  Looping also promotes close relationships between children, teachers, and families and encourages team teaching, providing greater opportunity for one-on-one time, exposing the learner to more different teaching styles and skills, and enhancing assessment by providing multiple perspectives on a student’s work and progress.


Northpoint provides an inclusive environment where students with special needs are placed in the regular classrooms. Support services are provided for students with learning disabilities, speech and hearing deficiencies, and other areas of exceptionality.


Parent Involvement

A parent-teacher organization (PTO) sponsors and supports a variety of student activities and projects.  Parents and patrons serve as volunteers in the classrooms and the Instructional Materials Center.


Honors and Achievements

Northpoint was named a National Blue Ribbon School in 2010 and 2016. The Indiana Department of Education has named Northpoint a Four Star School in 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 and 2016.



Academic competitions for students in grades 1-5           
School-wide enrichment opportunities, including
After-school Adventures
Art Smart                                                                             
Fifth grade environmental camp experience
Intramural Basketball                             
Stars in Service-Student Council
Student Learning Celebrations/Performances
Television broadcast studio
Wee Deliver
Kids Club childcare

Mission Statement 

The Northpoint Elementary School mission is to provide all students with a positive and challenging learning environment that empowers them to become responsible and productive citizens of the 21st century.


Northpoint Elementary students will attend Discovery Middle School and Penn High School.


Colors:  Navy blue, silver, and white         Mascot: Stars        Motto:   “Where every child can reach for the stars”


School Songs:

Alma Mater

Northpoint shining stars, students that will go far!

Telling the truth and doing our best, effort and patience and friendliness.

These are the lifeskills that we know, this is our chance to learn and grow.

To Northpoint school we love to go, where children can reach for the stars!


Fight Song

Go Northpoint, we are the stars, we are the very best! 

We are standing proud and strong, we always have success – RAH RAH RAH!

Northpoint is the right place to be, we will play with integrity.

Go, fight, and win tonight, see the Northpoint stars shine bright!