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Virtual 3rd Graders Get Early Start on Black History Month

Tuskegee Airmen

Black History Month doesn’t officially kick off until February, but our virtual third graders got a head start.


In December, virtual third-grade teacher Nichol Mondy provided a list of historic members of the Black community to her students. Each student could pick a person off that list or pick a different person of their choosing.


The research began in December and the projects were completed in early January. Once all the projects were completed, the students were divided into virtual breakout groups where they had the opportunity to present what they learned. 


There was an added technology-based component. Earlier in the school year, students learned how to use Google slides, so each student that finished their project on time was able to use Google slides as a reward. 


We got wonderful feedback from parents. Parents shared with us that their children LOVED the project and were sharing random facts about their historical figure all the time! This really shows that the students were absorbing the information! 


Take a look below for some examples of their work!