Glowing Success: Northpoint Celebrates Reaching Reading Goal!

Posted on April 1, 2024

In the halls of Northpoint Elementary School, a challenge was set: read 1 million minutes in the month of February. Students dove into books of all kinds, from fantasy to history.

reading billboard

As February drew to a close, the final count exceeded expectations, reaching an incredible 1,328,158 minutes!

girl reading

To celebrate, the school hosted a Glow Party on March 28th, featuring a DJ, black lights, and neon glow sticks.

Amidst laughter and dancing, the students reveled in their accomplishment, knowing that with a passion for reading, anything is possible.

Glow Party

And so, Northpoint Elementary shone brightly, proving that when it comes to reaching goals, the power of a good book can light the way to success.

Last Modified April 1, 2024